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Riau Province

As well as objects and attraction existing in Mainland part of Riau, such as Palace compound of past Siak Sultanate, Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park, 4th century buddhistic temple of Muara Takus, Koto Panjang Lake, Pacu Jalur (traditional long canoe race), Bono (exotic natural phenomenon of high river wave almost as tall as coconut tree, accompanied by thundering sound), etc.

Pekanbaru became the provincial capital in 1959, taking over from the former capital of Tanjungpinang on the Island of Bintan. About 160 kms upstream on the Siak River you can find a number of buildings in the traditional style. Among them are Balai Dang Merdu, Balai Adat and Taman Budaya Riau, or Riau Cultural Park.

Riau Elephant Center, Sebanga, Duri - was established Elephant Centers in an attempt to relieve human elephant conflicts, As wild animal, elephant can tame at Sebanga School for Elephants. The elephants can attract as like: salute to visitor, step over big size of pieces of wood that was pile, pull up piece of wood using it trunk, step over men which sleep on ground, etc.

Riau Film Services invite International Film Production company to make films in truly Indonesian Archipelago.

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pacu jalur kuansing
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