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Indonesia Film Support Services

Procedure permits for making film or video in Indonesia

Free People Philadelphia USA, Photoshoot Project

Indonesia Film Support Services

Filming Support Services in Indonesia

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90th Parallel Production, Toronto - Canada

Lemon Yellow Sun Films Commercial Programe

Ma & Ma Photographers Agents, Paris - Frances

Vellitherai Bollywood Feature Film, Moserbaer, Mirchi & Duet Movies, India

Flying, video clip Dimensi Audio Visual

APAO Congress in Bali May 2009 - Event Documentation

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Bayer Pacific World Bali Gathering

PG Commercial, London - UK

Alaska TV, London - UK Documentary

Dream Water Pink Trees, Singapore

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen - Zürich

Kranky Productions, New York - USA

Simmon Joseph Ward Run DMC

CIO Leader Summit Bali April 2015

WeKapture Paris France - Still Photography

Driftwood Cinema, Sydney Australia - Feature Film Project

Lift Plus New Zealand - Commercial Film Project

Red Giant Movies, Chenai India - Feature Film Project

Leopard Films, New York - USA, Documentary Project

Kaleidoscope - Wildfire TV, London

Kemistri Millenia Industri - Commercial TV Program

Hidden Cities - Documentary TV Program

Commercial TV - Shooting Gallery

Thomas de Monaco, Swiss - Still Photographer

Asia Expose - Third Floor Pictures, Singapore - Documentary TV Program

Mandt Bros Production, Los Angeles - USA - Documentary

Maximus Film GmBh, German

Driftwood Cinema, Owen Rennie Cinematography

Lanna Harita Coal Mining - Documentary Film

Xtreme Production, Singapore - Documentary

Atlantic Production Ltd, London - UK Documentary

Culture X, Third Floor Pictures, Singapore<

Kirun dan Adul - Liquid Media, Jakarta

Interview, Aljazeera International Television News, Malaysia

Homeward Journeys - Filmat36s, Singapore

The Trunyanesse Village, Third Floor Pictures, Singapore

>Journey of a Lifetime - September Films, London - UK

Climate Change - Mc Cann G Agency, Paris - France

Location Scouting - Bollywood Big Screen Movies

Sound of The World - Documentaries

Van Houen Moore London - UK - Commercial Photographers

Interviews Al Jazeera International TV News, Malaysia

Ar Y Lein - Telesgop Television Wales UK

Conimex Commercial Film

Re Tour A La Forest De Bronze - Jean Pierre Bailly Production

Panic in The Ring of Fire, Discovery Channel Canada

Lighthouse Film, USA - Documentary

Story Bomblast, drugs - Channel Ten Australia

Malik D'essential Band - Music Video

Emma Hardy Photographer

Pierre Javaux Production, Paris France - Feature Film

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