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Has good territorial water both river and swamp. Rivers or swamps in this province have great fishery potency with various sea and swamp fish. Beside, South Kalimantan has also wide field area and it is potential for big husbandry and other husbandries development. Devise income for Province of South Kalimantan reached million hundred dollar yearly, came from various processing products of wood material, especially, plywood, instead of traditional diamond mining, agricultural product, and plantation mainly rubber and rattan that are exported.

Banjarmasin - is the center of trade and tourism. It lies at the delta of the Barito river. The city is intertwined by numerous rivers of various sizes and lengths. The major rivers are Martapura and Nagara. The numerous rivers made the city get its nickname River City local people build traditional floating houses along the rivers and these houses are called "lanting", facing the rivers, which are made of wood or bamboo. Rivers have been very important for business and economic activities. This is one reason why there are floating markets everywhere.

Kembang Island - This island is right in the Barito river, not far from a floating market. It is a conservation forest of about 60 hectares, inhabited by tame monkeys of Kalimantan species only. One of the species is called "bekantan" (nasalis larvatus).
It is mostly visited by Chinese Indonesians, as there is a small offering temple where they feed the monkeys. It is believed that feeding the monkeys will bring good luck an fortune.

Kaget Island - Like Kembang island, Kaget island is also in the Barito river. From downtown it takes 1 hour by speedboat to get there. This island is another forest conservation and is also inhabited by the "bekantan" monkeys and the Lutung (prebitis orisate), as well as many sorts of birds.

Diamond Digging at Cempaka & Martapura - Cempaka is a small village 10 km from Banjarbaru, and 45 minutes from Banjarmasin. It is an old site of traditional diamond digging using very simple equipment. The digging is a collective work by a group, usually consisting of one family and its close relatives. In 1985 a large raw diamond of 116.7 carats was found in a hole of 15 meters deep. The polishing work uses traditional as well as modern equipment.

Loksado - is at the South Hulu Sungai district whose capital is Kandangan. The town is about 3 hours by car from Banjarmasin. The road is good. However, from Kandangan to Loksado, the road goes as far as Halunuk, a small village. Then the trip continues by motor cycle which takes a single passenger over a narrow foot-path. The natural surroundings of the hilly region provides attractive sights for those who enjoy hiking and mountaineering. On the way, meet the local people with their original ways and cross the river over a suspended bridge.

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