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North Sumatera Province

The province of North Sumatera is large with one of the biggest lakes in the world, Lake Toba, at its navel. The continuous mountain of Bukit Barisan, which extends from Aceh at the tip of the island of Sumatera to Lampung at the bottom of the island, guards the province on the west side, providing home for thick, tropical jungles and lush vegetations. As you go down the western mountains toward..

Tor Tor Dance Tor-Tor dance is a traditional dance from Batak tribe in North Sumatra. At ancient times, the art of dancing in Batak land was a main media during the rite, and it still had mystical things.

Nias Nias is another Indonesian ethnic group that live in North Sumatra, formerly in Nias Island. Batak People Batak People, is the indigenous tribe of North Sumatra Island. One of the significant tribe in Indonesia.

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