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Capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a huge, sprawling metropolitan city, the seat of national government as well as seat of the provincial government of Greater Jakarta. Here is also the national Parliament, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. This city is moreover the country’s center of finance and business. It is the center of the nation’s economics and politics as here converge people from all over Indonesia, attracting people from all walks of life. Jakarta is also the center of Indonesia’s modern music and sound, and center of Indonesia’s lively creative industry. The hub of Indonesia’s modern history and modern life.

Places; Thousand Islands, Ancol Dreamland, Ragunan Zoo, Monument National (Monas), Waterboom, Old Batavia, Indonesian Beautiful on Mini Park (TMII), Bidadari Island

DKI Jakarta Film Services invite International Film Production company to make films in truly Indonesian Archipelago.

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ancol dreamland
bidadari island
keong mas
thousand island
old town
setu babakan
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