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Limboto Lake that has special navigation building is located in road boundary between Batudaa district and Gorontalo city. Limboto is a useful lake as irrigation source and as fish recreation place just for that have fishing hobby. Limboto Lake can reach using personal vehicle or common vehicle with traveled about 16 km from Gorontalo city.

Gorontalo province mostly contains of mountainous area that stretches form the north to the south of the province. The mountains and forests are the homes of unique animals and trees. Anoa, tarsius, maleo bird, babi rusa (deer pig) are among the rare species that can be found here. Maleo, for instance, is a species of birds which lay eggs bigger than themselves. While Tarsius is the smallest primate in the world.

In the south part of Gorontalo’s sea, which is known as “Teluk Tomini”, there are a number of small islands which spreads around the sea. Those islands are still unsettled and beautiful white sands surround each of them. The geographic position of “Teluk Tomini” crossed by the equator line, has naturally presented various kinds of sea creature inside.

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