Filming in Indonesia Archipelagoes

Indonesia Filming Support ServicesIndonesia Filming Support Services - facilitates you in film and still photography production throughout Indonesian Archipelago.


As a legal company especially  assisting foreigners and International filmmakers & photographers, we are ready to deliver assistance to film crews to search the best shoot locations, accommodation, arrange necessary permits and other government formalities.


Our very good relationship with the Indonesian government enables us to smooth related procedures essentially in ensuring production time.  Assuring you our best assistance and service at all times.


The Indonesia Filming Support Services is the gateway to filming in Indonesian Archipelago, arranging permits, fixer, talent, crew, equipment, location scout services, location library services and location manager services for television production, film / movie production, video production, advertising, commercial and still photography.


Services includes production coordination and management, talent casting, budgeting, transportation, accommodation, travel and logistics planning.


Our experiences in the field of film industry brought our clients to reach their successfully-completed production of feature film big screen movie, television news, television series, television programs, commercials, documentaries, music video, advertising, and commercial photography.


Indonesia Filming Support Services is a full service location company, experiencing numerous international productions throughout Indonesian Archipelago for Australian, Canadian, American, European, Indian, Asian, African, etc.


Indonesia Filming Support Services invite International Film Production company to make films in truly Indonesian Archipelago.


Indonesia Filming Support Services contact : [email protected] Indonesia Filming Supprt indonesiafilm